Monday, April 17, 2017

U R The WAY The Truth And The Life Give UP The Strife And Get Your Loft ON Uplift Gift

Cosmic Chaos Order Infinite Within To Without Doubt Just Stout Clout Wisdom Precision Incision Intellectual Lumens Illuminator Elater Stater OF Logic Cause U Got IT Causeless Regardless Rhetorical Metaphorical Allegorically Phenomenal Categorically Continual Continuity Eternal Annuity With Fluency.

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  1. If I Sound Redundant Let Me Just Reiterate PHILOSOPHY, PHILANTHROPY, Φ PP IN Your Eye Or I Line Dot Got Code Ala Mode Method Mind Sublime Syllable Rhyme Time Terrific Specific To Hit A Mark IN The Dark And Make A Spark And We Know What Sparks Do Not Being Cocky But Spocky. Logic IS As Logic Does U Know Bro Sis Cuz In The Was Mom Earth ASK Dad Every Which Way But Any Way Geometrically Eccentrically Telecommunications Vibration Transmuting Negative Positive Cooperative Operatives Atomically Autonomous Automation Elation Electrically Magnetic MAXIMS ON PHIRE Ice or PHICE Fires Sapphire And PHI Is In There On The Square And Aware Fair To Pair So There. IRon Sharpening IRon Enlightening Lightning Dark Sparks Chasing Dark Light What Isn't Light Ask The Night Eternal Invite Day Say WAY Hey Yes and No Ways ALL Gratitude Attitude Diligent Dude Giving Meritorious Glorious To ALL Yall Or Whatever Recall The Fall Stand Tall Or Sit Tight Contrite Spite And Super Nice Vice!


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