Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PHI Piper Pi Fiddle Fortuitous Fate Gate State Check Mate Greats Elates Sonic Traits Creates

Ring And Sing Your Own Song Or Get Hit With The Bong Gong Gang Sang ALL Night Long Like Donkey King Monkey Skunk Rang Kong Ping Pong Ding Dong Wrong Right Light Left Lite Effect Might Rite Unite Circumspect Much Respect Rhythms Correct Elect Electric Majestic Tic Tock Tat Doc Seuss To Zeuss Tack Tow Sow Know Glow Show Row High Low Between The Ebb & The Flow Grow PHI Piper Word Sniper Sonic Proverbial Pi Viper Veracity Tenacity Oh Ho Hum The Audacity Sum Mum PHE PHI PHO PHUN Honey Makes The Money Sunny Runny Earth Walky Sky Talky Stout Clout Within Without No Bout Can Doubt Diligent Dimensions Ascensions Shall ME Mention WE See C Sea B Be Bee Riddle PHIDDLE Middle Level Zero Hero Development ONENO Demonstration Vibrations Elations

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