Saturday, June 24, 2017

Words Written Thoughts Transcribed Transmuting Telegraphically Telepathically Non Locality Linguistics Hermetic Hieroglyphics Surrounding Terrific Specific Prolific Cosmic Cryptic

Kids Karmic Cosmosis Continuum Sum Hymn Hum Universal Verses Versus Verse Veracity Tenacity Acute Alpha Audacity Audibly Telepathy Empathy Telecommunications Vibrations Elation Nifty Nations Universe One Verse God Spoke Big Bang Hells Spells Rang Sang Sing Pong Ping Songs Heavens Bells Eternally Beautiful Wonderful Wells of WISDOM Perpetually Promoting  Proverbs Prolific Propounding Progressing Paragraphs Etymology Thesaurus Torus Anthropology Illuminating Voluminously Luminously Lexiconvictions Ascribing Inscriptions Inflections Reflections Positive Projections Circumspection 0/0 = Error Cosmic Corrections Inner Outer Corresponds Coding Pure Principles Universal Laws Poised Principals Peace Of Mind Kind Kraft Sublime Diligent Divine Subliminal Indivisible Source Substantially Sounds Reality Tesseract Actuality Astounding Astronomical Mentalities Manifestation Humanities Hermetically Sealed Spheres Revealed Redundantly Encrypting Dimensions Geometrical Symmetrical Systematic Enigmatic Automatic Involution Ineffable Evolution Intellectual Solutions Incredible ALL IS ALL IN ALL THAT IS ALL RESPECT INSPECT INSIDE ASYLUM SANCTUARY SONIC SOUNDS ROUNDS AS UP AS DOWN SO RECONCILE UP HAVE FUN WITH THE PUN IN THE SUN UNISON LUNAR TIC TOC DOC ASK MISTER SPOCK NOT COCKY SUPER SPOCKY SPARK LIGHT DARK LITE LOFTING LIFTING GIFTING GRACEFULLY PACING WATCHING RACING CHASING AND ERASING NEVER FEAR NEVER EVER KNOW GLOW SOW ROW TOW U ALL READY KNOW WE GROW TRANSMUTING SALUTING RECONCILING PARANORMAL PLEXUSES PARADOXES SUPER ORIGINALLY NEXUSES NATURALLY!

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