Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Leader Follows The Readings Leading To Lights Brighter Eternal Igniters Inspires

A Leader Listens, Reads, Learns, Earns, Discerns, Attitude Is Gratitude, Altitude Amplitudes Aptitude Returning Yearning Promoting Proverbial Wisdom, Sharing Cosmic Knowledge, Universally Unites Understanding & Recites Mysteriously Mages Maxims Luminous Light By Suns Day And Moons Night, As Well As The Stars Frequencies Sounding Electromagnetic Supersonic Waves Waxing Seas, Enigmatically Enlightening Sages Pages Ages Morality Gauges, Sapient Principles Producing Eras Principals, Corresponding Fidelity Conversing Fortified Core Fundamentals, Philanthropic Integrity Illustrating Philosophical Paragraphs Telepathic, Diligent Divinity Throughout Infinity, Harmoniously Surreal, Hermetically Sealed, Incarnate Involution Solutions, Illuminations Evolution, Vibrations Ventriloquism, Omnipotent Optimisms Internal Inspection Circumspection Inflections, Eternal Rhythms External Outward Reflections, Perpetual Projections Persevering Beautifully Beaming Ancestries Etymology, Astronomical Analogies Aligned Sublime, Artistic Syllables Sublimation Sophistication, Grammatical Telegraphic Geometric Arithmetic Scrolls Sentient Scribes Level Ground Resounds Astounds Prudent Students Organizational Lawful Order, Unanimously Uplifting, Gregariously Gifting, Contextually Transmuting Supernatural Cosmos Cloud Communications, Prolific Phonetics Genetics Copacetic, Eclectic Eccentric Celestial Essentials Elementary Elemental Mentality Creates Reality Actuality Substantially Amphibiously Reconciling Ambiguously Literally Significantly, Vocally Locally Covering ALL Words Textually IN Totality Wholly, Holistic Hieroglyphics Logos Logical Methodical Linguistic Specific Terrific Torus Thesaurus Chorus Continuum, Anecdotal Alchemy Articulating Paranormal Pondering, Equating Creations Existential Anthropology Ecology In ITs Entirety Educationally Inspirational Reasonably and Rationally, Transliterating Meritoriously Multinational Hope Connecting Unity With Humanities Infinite Diversities Constructing Unbounded Instructional Unified Universities Decryption Encryption Benediction, Fortuitous Family Creations, Designing Non-Fiction Editions Prequel to the Sequel ALL Is Equally Poised To Dignifying Expressions Communicating Respectful Intentions, Alluding Autonomous Ascension, Shall I Mention Problem Prevention, Awareness & Attention, Compassionate Consideration Ultimately Consisting Cosmically of Galactic Correlation Stations.

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