Sunday, August 20, 2017

Seek Wisdom Knowledge Kingdom Cosmos Colleges Verses Universities Versus Vice Versa

Universally Recognizing Object and Subject Corresponding Speculative Operatives Principles and Reconciling Renaissances Reconnaissances Involution Solutions Squaring Awareness Fairness Illuminations Illustrations Demonstrations Developments Enveloping Enigmatically Automatically Systematically United Recited Eternally Ethereal Surreal Hermetically Sealed Applications Arithmetic Alphanumeric Geometric Eccentric Eclectic Phonetics Genetics Copacetic PHI WISDOM Presents Presence Essence Essentially Sequentially Logically Logistically Voluminously Luminously Proverbially Perpetually Evidently Prudent Students Ancient Future Creature Feature Preacher Teacher Reacher Seeker Finder Sharer Carer Transparent Apparent Syllables Syllabus Coding Lexiconvictions Inscriptions Prescriptions Etymology Ecology Anthropology Subatomic Anatomic Astronomic Mnemonic Rhythms Hymns Hums Sums Zeros and Ones Pinging Singing Ponging Songs Longs Cores Circuitously Cosmically Conundrums Confounding Resounding Vibrations Elation Stations ALL Creation

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